May 21, Day 30 – Enjoy the towns while you can

After a tough day yesterday, I was looking forward to an easier day. I jumped out of bed and was feeling good so I decided to see how far I could go in the first hour. I made it 3.7 miles by running the uphills. Then I took a 45 minute break. It wasn’t worth all the effort. I walked the rest of the way with half the crew and got to the KOA at 10. A KOA is a campground company that has locations across the US for people traveling by car or RV. I charged my battery bank, drank some sodas and went swimming. It was an oasis in the desert. I was the last one to leave at 2pm. Ana, Kendyl and I walked the remaining 10 miles to Agua Dulce, a small town just north of the Vasquez rocks area. Vasquez rocks is famous for being a common movie location. Star Trek, Dante’s Peak, Blazing Saddles, and many other movies have scenes shot there. Once in Agua Dulce, we got Mexican food and slept in a parking lot. Connor, Sergii, Shit Kicker and I closed the local bar down. They had a band playing so we danced and sang with the locals until 11pm.

We go into some kind of civilization at least once every 5 days. Some stretches, like this one, have us going into smaller towns every couple days. Agua Dulce didn’t have a very good store to resupply at so most people got boxes of food shipped to the KOA. They did have several restaurants and a bar. I’ve been told that we should enjoy these little spots as much as possible now because they won’t be around as much later on in the hike. Also, we will be doing more miles per day later on which usually means less time to stop and enjoy ourselves. While around 30 people decided to go to sleep, 4 of us remembered to enjoy ourselves. We weren’t going to sleep very well in this parking lot anyways so we might as well just stay up and have fun. As I write this a few days later, I’m glad we did. It was an amazing time and worth the lack of sleep.

Miles: 18.3 Total Miles: 454.4

I seem to have done a bad job taking pictures this day because this is all I have. These are an example of the Vasquez Rocks near mile 450.

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