May 20, Day 29 – It’s only bad if you say it’s bad

It felt good to wake up outside again. Especially since Din is back! I was of course offered tea. I had 24 miles to do today and didn’t leave camp until 7:30. Oh well. It was worth it. I walked pretty slow the first 7 miles to our first water. I realized here that I had accidentally bought an electrolyte packet with caffeine in it. I had been trying to avoid caffeine but didn’t have a reason. Just felt like it. After drinking the caffeine and seeing the hill I had to climb, I decided today was the day to put headphones in. The rest of the day was mostly through a burn area and not very scenic. I move really fast with music and caffeine. I made up all my lost time from the morning and had caught some of the others by lunch. Now back on track, I settled into my normal pace and rolled into camp at 6pm to find a cooler full of soda and chips left by a trail angel. I put $5 in their donation box and drank a Gatorade, sprite and root beer. It was divine. All 12 of us camped together tonight. I hope we can all stick together for a while. It’s hard to keep 12 people on a similar pace for long.

Some days are harder than others, both out here and in society. The weather, the water sources, the scenery and other factors can all play a role in how a day can go for us. The one thing that plays the biggest role is our attitude. Today was rough because the trail hadn’t been maintained in what I think is years, so it was very overgrown. My legs and arms are covered in scratches from spiky bushes I walked through all day. I just tried to focus on how I’m still out here having fun hiking and that every day can’t be perfect. I still haven’t had a bad day. This mentality is one of the main reasons. It’s only bad if you say it’s bad.

Miles: 24.3 Total Miles: 436.1

This huge piece of granite was a perfect sitting rock. I was able to sit down comfortably for a few minutes without taking my pack off. Sometimes a rock can make your day. Somewhere near mile 422.

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