May 19, Day 28 – What is a thru hike?

There were a lot of chores to be done this morning. The Airbnb had to be put back in order before we checked out at 10. We all split up the duties after breakfast and were on our way to being on trail before 10. Right as we were about to get a ride up the road, we learned that California department of transportation was blasting the rock slide today and the road was closed to hikers and cars. We scrambled to find a way to get the 12 of us to the trailhead at mile 403. Luckily we found a trail angel willing to drive us all in a 15 passenger van we rented. The ride was awful. Maybe it was the fact that I hadn’t spent more than 10 minutes in a car in almost a month but I felt nauseous almost the whole time. The road was curvy and the driving was fast. I’d never been so excited to get out of the car over an hour later. We hit the trail around 4pm and hiked 8.9 miles to camp for the night.

There are a lot of different ways people thru hike a long trail. Some people only care about doing trail miles while others want a continuous footpath. I was the in second boat. Before I started, I told myself I would road walk all fire closures and hike all available miles. This ended today. The only viable road walk that we knew would have added over 50 miles to our journey and I wanted to stay with my group. I’m pretty sad about it but it’s bound to happen further up trail when half of California and Oregon are on fire in July. We hiked the miles we could. The miles for the day is much higher because of this. We effectively skipped about 32 trail miles. I plan to make up for these with bonus miles!

Miles: 42.5 Total Miles: 411.8

Hima celebrating the van we got. It was a good van.

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