Day 26 – No planning, just do it

I can’t sleep in anymore. Everyone was up by 6:30 and I went outside on the deck to bask in the warm sun. It felt better to be outside than inside. The air was crisp and clean. We headed to breakfast around 8 and started to plan our day. We had to plan our food resupply especially for the next 220 miles and then go shopping and potentially mail a box ahead. After breakfast, we all did epsom salt foot baths. My feet feel a lot better now. We also made plans for the 2 fire closures coming up. We made our way across town to the Airbnb around 5. Tree offered to make a big pot of curry for dinner. We happily accepted. It was the best curry I’ve ever had.

There are two road walks in the next 200 miles. The first one is 20 miles long and is coming up right out of town. The second one is 14 miles long but isn’t until mile 486. We started to look at plans on how and when to do these to maximize our safety but everything kept coming back to the same answer: we just have to do the road walk. Other trails in the area are also closed. Luckily, Take Out was up ahead and gave us good intel on where to camp and find water. It really helps to have someone you know and trust ahead of you. He also told us about an Ostrich Farm we can camp at near the second road walk. After lots of discussion, our group decided to stop planning and just do it. It’s going to suck. The trail is closed due to fire damage so we have to walk pavement for 22 miles.

Miles: 0 Total Miles: 369.3

We had a pajama party tonight while our Airbnb host did our laundry.

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