Day 25 – C’s get degrees, but they probably won’t get you to Canada.

We tried to sleep in but the sun rising over the clouds got everyone out of bed early. It was beautiful. Sleeping on a ridge at 8000′ has its perks. We started our short 12 mile jaunt to highway 2 at 7am and all made it by noon. I rolled in last after doing my best effort to take lots of pictures and enjoy the pristine weather. Dan’s family had driven up from the LA area and offered us sodas, snacks and a ride into town. This town day was much more relaxed than the ones in the past. We will be here until Wednesday, today is Sunday the 16th, and have plenty of time to get our chores done. We went to the hardware store for the hiker box then a Mexican restaurant for lunch. After lunch we rested in a park until it was time for us to go to Lynn and Maile. They are lovely trail angels in Wrightwood. They hosted us for the night and cooked us burgers for dinner. I’m writing this while sleeping on their living room floor with 8 other hikers.

Maile is a foot guru. She’s been helping hikers since 2016 and gives everyone a grade. We had a wide range in our group, from D- to A+. I got a C-, mostly due to the developing salt burns on the bottom of my feet. I felt pretty good about this considering I had been wearing socks with more holes than Swiss cheese for the last week. She told me what I needed to do to get my grades up so I’m looking forward to the big sock order I placed with REI. I’ll be copying the strategy used by Ana. who got an A+. I really appreciate all of the help trail angels have given us so far but this has been my best experience yet.

Miles: 12.1 Total Miles: 369.3

The snow plant is a parasitic plant that derives it’s nutrients from tree roots. It is unable to photosynthesize since it lacks chlorophyll. This one was around mile 363.

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