Day 24 – Laughter is the best medicine

I slept in today and didn’t leave camp until almost 7. We weren’t in too much of a rush since we had plans to sit at the intersection of the highway for a couple hours. After an easy 6 miles of hiking through the coldest weather we have had in weeks, we arrived at Cajon Pass at 9:30. Cajon Pass is a special place. It has a McDonald’s, Del Taco, Subway and several food trucks. By noon, I had eaten 2 clif bars, 2 slices of pizza, 4 hash browns, 5 tacos and a handful of sour gummy bears. I was born for days like this. After a long break, we were quickly thrust back into reality. We had to climb 4500′ over 15 miles to get to our camping spot for the night. We rolled in around 7 to find a cooler with drinks and snacks. I had a snickers and 2 root beers. There aren’t many flat spots here so we are pitched pretty close together. There’s a chance of rain so we all had to pitch our rain covers.

The climb from Cajon Pass was long and grueling. Luckily, I did the hardest part with Price Point. We had some good conversation today and yesterday while climbing and it really makes the time go by easier. It goes by really fast when I’m constantly laughing. I’ve made it this far on the trail without using my headphones because I’m constantly around interesting people to talk with. We will probably end up climbing together again tomorrow. We have 3000’ to climb over the last 11.5 miles into town. If you’re interested in seeing more of what life is like on trail, he posts a video on YouTube for every day on trail. You can find him at Some Dude Walking

Miles: 21.5 Total Miles: 357.2

From left to right: Anna (Rambo), Sam, myself, Price Point and Honeybear, Sophie at mile 357.2.

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