Day 23 – I’d like 16 pizzas please

This morning was a breeze. We had a slight climb to warm up our legs then it was pretty flat all the way to where we would stop for lunch at Silverwood Lake. When we first laid eyes on the lake, the same thing went through everyone’s head: let’s go swimming! Silverwood Lake is a beautiful body of water surrounded by mountains. The water was cold but refreshing. The air temperature had to be in the 90s. After a short dip, we headed to the picnic area. Once everyone had strolled in, we ordered pizza. A lot of pizza. Pretty much everyone got their own. Fat and happy, we decided to walk off our dinner by going another 8 miles and 1000 feet up. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to walk 8 miles after eating 8 slices of veggie supreme. There weren’t any good group campsites tonight so we are scattered around a .2 mile stretch of sandy desert.

When I get to camp and settle in each night, I make a note of where we are camped and how far we walked that day. Tonight I had to double check my math. It did not feel like we walked 21 miles today. Part of that could be because we split it up with a big break in the middle. It could also be that doing 20 miles in a day isn’t that hard anymore. We are hoping to do at least 20 miles per day once we start our next stretch from the town of Wrightwood to Acton so today was a good sign of what’s to come. I guess walking all day, every day for 3 weeks has made me pretty good at it.

Miles: 21.1 Total Miles: 335.7

View of Silverwood Lake from mile 332.3

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