Day 22 – Pack it in, pack it out

We had 3 miles to our next water source and then 6 more to the main highlight of the day: Deep Creek Hot Springs. I rolled in around noon and didn’t leave until 4. There were man made pools of varying temperatures and a cool creek to float in. It was a true oasis. The hot springs is also a favorite spot among locals and there were a lot of non thru hikers there. After an extended rest, we pushed another 7 miles to our camping spot for the night. The walking was easy today. My blisters are feeling much better. I also saw a baby rattlesnake today. It was maybe a foot and a half long. Luckily, it didn’t want anything to do with me and slithered quickly off the trail and down the hill when I got close to it.

I packed out over a pound of trash today and will have to carry it another 13 miles tomorrow. This includes a towel, several water and soda bottles, a golf ball, and other trash of various sizes. I’ve made it a mission to pack out any trash I see along the trail. The closer I am to a road, the more trash I find. It’s really unfortunate to be walking through a beautiful river valley and find it littered with trash. I think I’m going to have to start carrying a trash bag.

Miles: 16.1 Total Miles: 314.6

A bridge at mile 310 makes the river crossing a little easier.

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