Day 21 – Blisters, Burgers and Bonus Miles

We had another slow start to the day. The weather and terrain were due to be favorable. We broke camp around 6 and all stayed fairly close together throughout the day. We took a nice break at a creek with the coldest water we had experienced yet. We had been calculating our food needs and realized we all had too much. Lunch was a big meal today. We then pushed to get to our final resting spot by 3pm. It’s a nice sandy spot along the river. We all swam for a bit then dried off and headed to town. Sophie, Hima and I would be the only ones making the trek. With just 3 of us, hitching the final mile or 2 to the restaurant would be easier. Once we got past all of the closed gates, we called the restaurant and asked us if they would pick us up and they did! First hitch complete. I ate a burger, mini corn dogs, fries, onion rings, a vanilla malt and a Shirley temple. We left satisfied. When we walked out of the restaurant, I decided to ask a man across the street for a ride. He had a pickup truck and didn’t seem to be in a hurry to get anywhere. He obliged! Second hitch was as easy as the first. He told us he helped build parts of the trail in the 70’s. We thanked him and tried to give him money but he wouldn’t accept. We walked the 2 miles from the closed gate back to the campsite with 5 burgers in hand. Take Out had taught us a thing or two. Burgers on trail taste better than burgers in town. Our friends were thankful and we all enjoyed a wonderful dinner. I think there were 15 of us there that night and we all cowboy camped. It was a special sight.

I had somehow formed a few blisters on the bottom of my feet. I had made it almost 300 miles without any blisters. These blisters on the bottom of my feet had somehow formed, popped and rubbed raw in a single day. It was a painful walk to town for burgers but I was also able to buy neosporin and gauze pads. The bonus miles were worth it for burgers and blister care.

Miles: 17.3 Total Miles: 298.5

Burger, fries and a milkshake from Cedar Glen Malt Shop near mile 298.5

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