Day 20 – Trail Names

Anna’s dad had already made coffee when we woke up. I think I had 4 cups throughout the morning. He then made us pancakes, eggs, and hash browns. We stuffed ourselves until we couldn’t eat anymore. After breakfast we packed up and made our way to the post office and pharmacy before hitting the trail. We had to ship some things and get more sunscreen. As we were packing up, we realized we forgot to make cookies last night. I guess we will be packing that out for dinner tonight. We got back on trail around 11 and easily averaged 3 miles per hour to get to our campsite for the night. We found a big spot for our group of 7. Sam, Sophie and I had added Anna, Dan, Hima and Toasty Toes to the crew.

Trail names are a mainstay among long distance hikers. They are a way for people to go by a different name than they do in normal life. Trail names usually have a story to go along with them, good or bad.

Miles: 15.1 Total Miles: 281.2

Sunset from our camp at mile 281.2

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