Day 19 – 10% done!

We broke camp with excitement at 5:30 and I practically ran down the trail. Town was calling and I wanted to get there as soon as possible. It was easy terrain as we strolled through rolling hills to get to highway 18. 0.8 miles before hitting the highway, we hit the 10% done mark. We stopped and celebrated before finishing up our ten mile walk for the morning. Once at the road, we made a call to Anna. She’s a friend of Sophie’s that has an Airbnb we could crash in. We decided to get our errands done before heading there. First was the post office to pick up our boxes. Next were the hostel and gear store to check their hiker boxes. Hiker boxes are boxes that establishments have for hikers to leave things they don’t want or need. All I found this time was a packet of instant mashed potatoes. They are a new flavor called Wisconsin cheddar. I’m pretty excited. After that we had lunch with a big group at a Himalayan restaurant and got ice cream for dessert. Our last errand was grocery shopping. Something about this was extra stressful. I’m not sure what it was but being around a bunch of people and having to navigate all the aisles stressed us all out. Life is easier when you’re in the woods. We finally made it to the Airbnb around 3 and it didn’t take us long before we were sitting in the hot tub. Ahhhh, some peace and quiet. We made dinner soon after. Most of my plate was filled with salad. I had been missing fresh veggies. We stayed up late talking, until almost 9pm. We knew we could sleep in tomorrow.

The trail provides. It’s a common sting out here about how the craziest things will happen out here. Yesterday, we weren’t sure where we would be staying in town. Today I’m sitting in a hot tub at a free Airbnb. It’s best not to expect anything from the trail and be grateful for what you receive. I’ve met a lot of generous and kind people so far. It makes me see the good in the world.

Miles: 9.9 Total Miles: 266.1

Starting from front left: Sophie, Hima, Sam, Tree Trunk, Kendyl, Price Point, Honeybear, Ana, myself, Toasty Toes, Dan

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