Day 18 – We’ve got a short way to go and a long time to get there

This morning was a little chilly so we all slept in. And by sleeping in, we were eating breakfast in bed at 5:30. Sam and I were camped right next to each other so I threw a cookie dough bar into his tent. He was already eating what he called a cheese burrito. It was a tortilla wrapped around a misshapen block of cheese. We rolled out of bed around 6 and started the gradual climb to a cabin 6.5 miles away. Sam and I took our first siesta here and it lasted at least an hour. Right as we were about to leave, someone else would show up and we would talk more. We only had 10 more miles to do and it was 9am. The weather was cool at 8000′ above sea level and the trail was smooth so we weren’t in a rush. When we caught up to Sophie 4 miles later we had another siesta and made some lunch. After some more relaxing in the shade and getting news that we had an Airbnb in our next town, we did another 3 miles. We felt 3 miles was enough to deserve another siesta. Today was possibly the most relaxing day on trail. We had an easy few more miles into a campground that had picnic tables, a welcome luxury.

It’s really nice being able to go slow right now. We know that the miles per day will have to increase eventually if we want to make it to Canada before snow starts to fall, but right now, we are taking our time. We enjoy taking long breaks and not having to worry about getting in the miles. It’s better for our minds and bodies to do about 15-20 miles per day. We plan to do 25-30 per day once we get north of Lake Tahoe.

Miles: 16.3 Total Miles: 256.2

A view of the trail around mile 250. It reminded me of the Colorado hiking I’m used to.

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