Day 17 – I am a turtle

It hit 97 degrees today so you can imagine how our day went. We woke up late without considering the feat we had before us. We knew we had to go about 17 miles and climb 5000 feet but we didn’t know we would be crossing a river about 40 times and getting lost a lot in the process. It might have been the mentally toughest day yet. We spent a lot of the day thinking about the next town coming up, Big Bear. We had plans to get Chinese food, Mexican food, and gallons of chocolate milk. After having a physically hard day coming down San Jacinto and then a rough day today, we needed a town day. Sam and I had fun making day hiker jokes to pass the time. Sophie and I shared both of our dinners so we ate Alfredo pasta and Mac and cheese. I started counting my calories today, aiming for as high of a number as possible. I ate 2900 calories. Tomorrow I will try for 3500. 

You can plan all you want but at the end of the day you will sleep wherever you end up. We started the morning thinking we would camp at a certain spot. As the day went on and the sun got hotter, those plans quickly changed to a closer campsite. When we reached that closer campsite, it was surrounded by fallen and ready to fall trees. Not wanting to die in the night, we pushed on to our original plan. Having my home on my back, we can walk all day until we want to sleep. It’s nice being a turtle.

Miles: 18.3 Total Miles: 239.9

View of San Jacinto from early today, probably around mile 225

3 thoughts on “Day 17 – I am a turtle

  1. Michael Burns

    Jim, I’m enjoying following along on your adventure. Wish I was there.
    Your Old Scoutmaster,
    Michael Burns

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