Day 13 – Food comes first

What a surprise, another amazing sunrise. We got up early so we could walk and enjoy the view for an hour. The forest made me think we were in NorCal. Tall slabs of granite and humid hours pine trees. We only had 4 PCT miles and 2.5 bonus miles to make it to a trailhead where the local trail angel Grumpy would pick us up. We told him we would be there by 8:15 and had to hustle to make it but it was all downhill. When we got in the car, he asked the 4 of us, Take Out, Sam, Sophie and I, where we wanted to go. The answer was unanimous: The Red Kettle, a local diner. After that, we went to the grocery store, gear store then got sushi then went to check in to our hotel. The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent relaxing and eating as much as possible. We had a few chores to do but when you get to town, food comes first. 

It’s tough to eat healthy on the trail. Most things are fairly processed and full of sugar. A day in town gives us a chance to eat as much food as possible to replenish our bodies of missing nutrients. We also use these days to satisfy all of our cravings. This stretch we were craving sushi and pizza.

Miles: 4 Total Miles: 179.4

We also do laundry on town days. Here’s my shirt after 13 days on trail. The inside of the collar stayed clean

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