Day 12 – Stay Present

Slept great last night in a sheltered site about 6000′ above sea level. Frish, Sophie and I started hiking early so we could watch the sunrise and have coffee in the warm sun. After settling in behind a windbreak, we were joined by Sam then John then Jackson and Lindsey. It was a good group to get the morning started. We needed a good morning start because today was going to be tough. We had 15 miles and over 4000′ of climbing to do. It went pretty well due to the numerous siestas we took but there were a lot of downed trees. We climbed over some and under others. It felt like I was in an obstacle course at times. And most of these trees were along steep cliffs. As if the trees weren’t enough, we had to go around a rock slide that was pretty sketchy. A good samaritan had added ropes but they were fraying and I didn’t trust them. Even though the hiking was hard, our spirits were high. By pushing further today, we only have 5 miles to Idyllwild tomorrow morning. We have been talking about our food plans all day. First a diner for breakfast then sushi for lunch then pizza in bed at the hotel for dinner. I’m laying in bed at 7pm watching the sunset as I write this. My view is pictured below. This is my favorite campsite yet.

When we were all stopped for coffee this morning, Sam asked Jackson what his favorite part of the trail was so far. Jackson’s answer: The Present. He was focused on enjoying the trail he was currently standing on. Even if it was cold and windy, he was enjoying it. Jackson reminded us all to be present and to not be concerned with the past or the future. Turns out both Jackson and Sam are Eagle Scouts like me. I hope I get to hike more with them.

Miles: 15.7 Total Miles: 175.4

Frish, Jackson and I cowboy camping at mile 175.4. I took this photo at 6:40 pm. Jackson and I were the only ones not in our sleeping bags yet.

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