Day 11 – Cheeseburgers in Paradise

I woke up late at Mary’s but was able to go from sleeping to hiking in 12 minutes. I had to rush so I wouldn’t miss sunrise tea time. As the sun appeared over the distant hills, the fog rolled through and had us all in awe. After sunrise, we hurried 4.5 more miles to Highway 74 so we could hitch to Paradise Valley Cafe. We had been dreaming of this day since Julian. Just as planned, we arrived right when they opened at 8am. We had done 6.4 miles that morning and were very hungry. I had an omelette with hash browns and a stack of pancakes and 2 Shirley temples. We had planned to stick around for lunch as well but that they don’t start serving burgers until noon. We headed back to the trail to meet up with Jackson and Lindsey. It was just before twelve when we got back on trail and we only had 8.6 miles left for the day. While sitting at our water source for the day, Frish catches up with us and is carrying 3 takeout containers. Each one had a burger and fries for Sophie, him and I. I don’t know how I’ll ever repay him. This act of kindness earned him the trail name “Take Out.” After that, we walked the last 1.6 miles to camp and the guys all decided to cowboy camp. Jackson decided it was a good idea to tell ghost stories for an hour before bed. We will see how that turns out for us tomorrow.

Trail names are part of the long trail experience. People earn them through various ways. Sometimes it’s through doing amazing things like Take Out did. KT got his trail name, Kitty Titty, for the cat tattoo on his chest. Most of us don’t have trail names yet but I’m sure it won’t take much longer.

Miles: 14.3 Total Miles: 159.7

Take Out enjoying the fruits of his labor at Tunnel Spring, mile 158.4

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