Day 9 – A glimpse into the future

We woke up early so we could climb a few miles to see the sunset with our morning tea. It was worth it. 5 of us perched on top of a hill at 6 in the morning watching the sun come over the hills is always a great way to start your day. We then realized we had 12 miles to do to Mike’s place and it was going to be a hot one. I expect at least one shnatz for today. At our first water source we ran into Jackson and decided we would meet up with him at Mike’s place later that day. The hiking today came pretty easy. A few spots were overgrown or had eroded away but there was more shade than we expected. Shade can be a hot commodity out here in the desert. So when we found a huge shaded spot around noon, we all took naps. Once sufficiently rested, we pushed on another 4.5 miles to Mike’s place. There we would have burgers and veggies and cold drinks. Just what we needed as the mercury struck 90 on the thermometer. We filled our bellies and rested for a few hours to give the sun time to hide behind the mountain before we did another 5 miles to our campsite for the night. Our last stretch for the day took us over a ridge with an amazing view of Mount San Jacinto, which we will be climbing in a few days. We had mostly the same crew as last night except Nico and Haley joined us and Forest never caught up. The stars are beautiful tonight. The moon won’t rise for another couple of hours and there aren’t any clouds.

The view from San Jacinto is the most sublime spectacle to be found anywhere on this earth!

John Muir

Miles: 16.8 Total Miles: 131.5

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    1. I guess I should have explained that. It’s a guys house who has a water tank, grill, fire pit and other hiker needs. He will cook food for hikers and his water tank is in the middle of a big dry stretch.

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