Day 8 – Enjoy the little things

The birds were cheering us along as we raced to the east side of the mountain before sunrise. I did my best impression of a grandma power walking the neighborhood, topping out at almost 4 mph. After sunrise and tea was over, we walked another 4 miles downhill to a nice spring that we got to share with horses. We took a nice little siesta while the rest of our crew from the campsite last night rolled in. Next was a short few miles to the next water at a beatitude creek surrounded by huge trees. As we were sitting there we hear an Arkansas accent from a distance. Jackson! We hadn’t seen him since night 2 but here he was. It’s so cool to run into people further down the trail after not seeing them for a while. After talking for a bit, we headed to eagle rock at mile 106.1. This is the giant rock picture below. It was hot but we had fun taking pictures and dancing to music. A short 4 miles later and we were having cold sodas and hot dogs at the market at Warner springs. Some lady decided to pay for the next 3 hikers coming in and we happened to be those 3. It’s our lucky day!I had to pick up a resupply box, the one I pictured on the day 5 post. This would get me to our next town at mile 179, Idyllwild. At this point, we had gone 17 miles but it only felt like 10. We decided to push a few more miles to get a nice campsite and do our second 20 mile day yet. And we passed the 100 mile mark! Only 2,550 to go!

The miles are coming easier. Maybe that’s because we are enjoying the little things. Today was our longest day yet but also the most fun. We saw a lot of people, took lots of pictures, danced in a field and made fondue. I had 5 bars of chocolate in my resupply and it was 90 degrees out. So we melted it all and dipped peanut butter cookies in it. Absolutely divine experience. I never felt rushed today. We took our time, had lots of breaks and talked with everyone we passed. Enjoying the little things made me enjoy the whole day. Hiking 20 miles has never felt easier.

Miles: 20.3 Total Miles: 114.7

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