Day 7 – Stretching is better as a dance party

I woke up under a bridge. The line between hiker and homeless is pretty blurry sometimes. At least I showered yesterday. It was super windy last night but I still slept better than in the hotel. We packed up around 6 and started our only major climb for the day, around 1000 feet in the first few miles. It was then mostly flat slightly rolling hills to the water cache. The water was cold somehow even though it was 80 degrees out. After filling our bottles and taking a long break in some shade, we had a 3.5 mile uphill to a nice spot on a point. The crew tonight was pretty much the same as last night except Sam replaced pacemaker. Then we had a dance party while watching an amazing sunset. Not much happened today but it was really nice walking. 17 miles was easy today. I could get used to this.

Tonight’s sunset marked a week on trail. A week that I will never forget. I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to spend around 5 months outside in some of the most beautiful land in our country. The desert sunrises and sunsets are beautiful every night. They help me take a minute to be thankful. A week on trail is in the books and I’m having the time of my life. Here’s to hoping the next 20 or so weeks go the same.

Miles: 17.1 Total Miles: 94.4

Sunset from our camp at mile 94.4

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