Day 5 – Bang bang

The morning was beautiful. Little wind, no rain and lots of tea. I expected the opposite. Learn to have low standards and expectations so you can always be impressed and surprised. It was an easy jaunt 8.9 miles to the road to Julian. Yesterday and today we had talked about strategies for hitching but none were needed. Our first hitch on trail took 0 seconds. As we were walking up to the road, a trail angel pulled up and asked if we needed a ride. He took us straight to the gear shop so Din could get new shoes and Frish and I could get new socks. I had worn the same pair for 5 days and they needed to be thrown in the trash, possibly burned. We then set our eyes on the many food choices of Julian. First was burgers, then free pie with ice cream at Mom’s and later that evening, bowls of pasta at Romano’s. I think we ate some other food between all of that but it’s a bit blurry. The rest of the day was spent relaxing, planning the next stretch, and showering, multiple times. I almost forgot I hiked 9 miles today as I lay in a comfy bed in a quaint bnb that is way too nice for me but it was the cheapest option. I will dream of waffles tonight, the main course on the breakfast menu tomorrow.

A “bang bang” is from a Louie CK skit where they go eat a full meal then immediately eat another full meal. We had plans to spend the entire day in town eating as much food as possible. Preferably something healthier than our hiker food. I’ve posted a picture below of what a 5 day resupply looks for me. Trail food is far from healthy.

Miles: 8.9 Total miles: 77.3

The chocolate bars in the top left ended up being eaten within a few hours of me opening this box in Warner Springs at mile 109.

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