Day 3 – Shnatz

I spent almost an hour this morning listening to the birds before getting out of my quilt. Jackson, Din and Frish weren’t up yet. Good thing I waited for them because they made tea and biscuits. It being a Saturday meant a lot of day hikers. It also meant our first trail magic! A veterans non-profit group made us sausage, eggs, and juice at mile 5. It saved us some money from having to eat at the restaurant in Mount Laguna and made for a very laid back morning. After buying some more food in the market, we hiked up around Monument Peak. We took a nice siesta under a viewpoint and met some great people interested in our hike, including a young man stationed in San Diego for the Navy. He said he hopes to hike the PCT one day. I hope he does. I’ve only been out here for a few days but it’s an adventure of a lifetime. We went another 5 miles to Pioneer Mail Picnic Area after our siesta and settled in for the night. The sunset was spectacular.

I try to learn something new every day. The first day I learned about plants. The second day I learned how much water I need per mile. Today I learned Hebrew. Shnatz is the Hebrew word for a mid day nap, which are becoming very common for us. When it’s hot out we like to hike for a while in the morning then take a nice long break in the shade for lunch and finish the rest of the miles that afternoon. I’ll be taking a shnatz every day for the foreseeable future.

Miles: 15.5 Total miles: 52.6

Don’t mind the nasty feet. Here’s a view from our shnatz overlooking Storm Canyon at mile 47.5

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