Day 2 – The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach

I wish every day on trail started the way today did: a breakfast burrito. Since I camped at Lake Morena, which is a lake, a town and a park with camping, I was able to walk half a mile to get a burrito before hitting the trail. I was only planning on doing 10 miles to Kitchen Creek today so eating a burrito at 8am didn’t affect the miles I needed to cover. After leaving town, I hiked solo almost the whole day. I caught up to KT and Hiccups at mile 4 then had first and second lunch with them at miles 6 and 10. Kitchen creek at mile 10, pictured below, was an oasis in the desert. Cold water to soak our feet and fill our bottles was exactly what I needed to add 7 miles to my original plan. And don’t worry, we generally fill our bottles upstream from where we soak our feet. I ended up hiking the rest of the day alone until I caught up to Din and Frish with a couple miles left before camp. We decided to push on to the next water source, making it a 17 mile day. Jackson, from Arkansas, also joined us at camp that night. The frogs in the creek sang all night for us.

Everyone has different ways of cooking and eating on trails and I could not be further on the other end of the spectrum from these guys. I generally eat bars, chips and cookies. About once a day I will “cold soak” mashed potatoes, couscous or ramen. This is the act of rehydrating food by soaking it in water in a plastic container, an old gelato cup in my case. Din and Frish on the other hand, like to enjoy their food. Tonight they made pasta. Really good pasta. And they let me have some. After a hard day, a hot meal and good conversation were just what I needed. I think I should get a stove.

Miles: 16.9 Total Miles: 37.1

Kitchen Creek, mile 29.8

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