Day 0 – The bare necessities

I remember getting to school for the first day after summer break, anxious thoughts racing through my brain. Today was no different. After being dropped off by Khalyd, reality set in. I was nervous at first but soon relaxed as more hikers showed up at Legend and Mark’s camp for the night. They had set up a half mile north of the border to welcome hikers and ease them into this journey. The first two hikers to make an impression on me were Din and Frish, both from Israel. They brought leftover pizza. And these slices were no joke. The width of a New York slice piled as high as something from Chicago. The best of both worlds. I grab a slice then KT (short for Kitty Titty – for the tattoo of his cat on his chest) does. As he pulls it from the box, the toppings separate from the crust and slide right off, landing in the dirt below. Without second thought, he picks it up and eats it. This guy gets it. I’ve found my people.

The rest of the night is full of introductions, stories from trails, and thoughts about the next day and week. Legend and Mark cook us spaghetti and make a fire. It’s now 8pm and I’ve crawled into my quilt. As I lay here, I have the song from the jungle book stuck in my head.

Look for the bare necessities

The simple bare necessities

Forget about your worries and your strife

I mean the bare necessities

That’s why a bear can rest at ease

With just the bare necessities of life

The Bare Necessities
Song by Bruce Reitherman and Phil Harris

The bare necessities are all we need out here on trail. Food, water and shelter. Yes, we may have a few extra items like a phone or camp shoes or stove. But, in the end, as long as we have food in our belly, water in our bottles and something to keep keep us warm and dry, we are happy campers. It’s a simple life and one that I am most looking forward to.

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